Australasia Extracellular Vesicles Conference 2020February 19 - 21, 2020 Auckland, New Zeland

A/Prof Mary Bebawy

A/Prof Bebawy has a PhD in Pharmacy (USYD) and is Director of Research and Innovation and Head of the Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology and Therapeutics, Graduate School of Health UTS. She has an active research portfolio focusing on the molecular basis of cancer relapse. She is an internationally recognized cancer researcher and pharmaceutical scientist with a background in commercial R & D. Her team were the first to discover the role of microparticles (MPs) in the spread of cancer multidrug resistance (MDR) (Bebawy et al., 2009). Since this discovery, A/Prof Bebawy and her team were the first to also discover that MPs can re-template the proteome and transcriptome of cancer cells to ensure the transfer and dominance of cancer traits within cell populations (Jaswail et al., 2012; Lu et al., 2013; Pokharel et al., 2014; Gong et al., 2013; 2014).These findings have since been translated clinically with her team discovering the utility of CD183+ MPs as a prognostic in Myeloma (Krishnan et al., 2016).

Her national and international standing has been recognised on numerous occasions, including a recent invitation by “Women in Science Australia” to showcase her achievements as part of activities to promote research excellence in Australia. On the international stage, she receives many invitations to speak at prestigious scientific meetings and international research institutes. including Cold Spring Harbour laboratories Microenvironment, Metastasis & Therapeutics, NY May 2015; AACR Precision Medicines Series, FL USA- Drug sensitivity and resistance: Improving cancer therapy; Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, Jul 2014. Her research has been showcased twice in SMH 8/10/2012 and 18/07/2013.